Storage and Transportation

Anyone who works with foodstuffs knows that the regulations regarding storage and transportation are becoming stricter. The IFS, BRC and GDP guidelines require more attention to be paid to the conditions for foodstuffs during storage, transshipment and distribution.

NASTRAX offers various solutions for the permanent monitoring of, among other things, temperature, humidity, (differences in) pressure, CO2, door contact switches and energy consumption, which can be used to avoid any decrease in shelf life and/or spoilage of products and prevent medicines from becoming ineffective.

The temperature and humidity technology shows the (core) temperature and the relative humidity of the shipment in real time, making it possible to demonstrate that the goods have been stored, loaded, transported and delivered at the right temperature.

Door sensors register whether the doors are open or closed. It is then possible to demonstrate and log any unauthorised opening of a door in the event of, for example, theft.


The ultimate digital solution for your temperature logging tasks

The NASTRAX Check tool is a user-friendly, digital solution which makes life easier for your organisation. Our automated temperature monitoring system offers you 24/7 real-time insight into and control over the temperature behaviour of, among other things, air-conditioned spaces, box trucks, trailers and cool boxes.

The NASTRAX Check 24/7 temperature logging system automatically sends warnings as soon as the set limit values are exceeded so that immediate action can be taken if the temperature is non-compliant. The quality of the goods can then be maintained.

With our NASTRAX Check tool, we can jointly ensure that you meet the set requirements. Safeguarding, checking and validating these processes 24/7 in real time in a single digital platform.

Our HACCP logging, management and insight tool

Log and manage the food safety in your hotel, restaurant or delivery business with the NASTRAX Check tool. Save time by logging more quickly and accurately with our user-friendly tool. Simple logging and management is our foundation; the creation of data-driven insights and the optimisation of processes is our expertise.

NASTRAX Check logging and management tool

Save time with digital logging and management. This tool can be linked simply to various measuring devices such as thermometers and sensors. Our hybrid tool is suitable for mobile, tablet and desktop usage and works with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It is modular, scalable and available in various languages. The NASTRAX Check tool can be tailor-made to match your company's corporate identity.

Logging, management and insight for your entire company

Data which can be simply linked to existing data analysis packages such as Power BI. Gain an insight into your company using our unique Management Portal by means of reports at, for example, location level.

Easy to link with hardware for 24/7 real-time monitoring

To measure is to manage. Relatively small variations in temperature can have a considerable influence on the shelf life and value of foodstuffs. 24/7 real-time monitoring of the storage and transportation of the products will ensure that you can take action on time and prevent spoilage. NASTRAX sensors contribute to process management and (food) safety and enhance the quality of your product.

Add specific tasks

In order to ensure flawless operations, there is the possibility of adding specific tasks. If required, we can develop your company-specific wishes and requirements (hardware and software). If required, we can develop your company-specific wishes and requirements (hardware and software).

Logging at employee level

Know who you have to call to account in the event of substandard implementation. Make people responsible for their work. Make people responsible for their work.

Log and document in the Cloud

Your logging and management data is directly available for internal and external checks. If required, we can develop your company-specific wishes and requirements (hardware and software).